JASAL 2021 National Conference: Learning Space Design and Usage in Self-Access Language Learning

Saturday, October 23rd, 2021, Time TBA

Speaker: John Augeri (Ile-de-France Digital University, Paris); call for presentations due August 6th

Self-access learning spaces, whether physical spaces on campus or virtual spaces, come in many different shapes and sizes, and their design and usage are determined by many different context-specific factors. Good design can promote social learning, help learners feel comfortable and motivated to learn, and attract new people to understand and use the space effectively. By sharing good practice in self-access learning space design, and focusing on how learners choose to use them, we can maximize the learning potential of these bespoke spaces. With the Covid-19 pandemic still exerting its influence on societies across the world, for the second year running JASAL will hold its national conference online. While ensuring everyone's safety, we also hope that the online format will make the conference more accessible for some who may not otherwise have been able to attend.

Call for presentation proposals
The call for presentations will be open until August 6th, 2021. Please see the submission page to submit your proposal.

Organization: The Japan Association for Self-Access Learning

Cost: free to attend (1500 yen for presenters, free for undergraduate presenters)

Venue: Online

Location: Online, Online Events, Online Event

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