ETJ East Tokyo January Online Workshop

Sunday, January 31st, 2021, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Speaker: Nicky Sekino, Harumi Shige'eda, Yuco Kikuchi

Speaker 1: Nicky Sekino
Title: Agony of Young Japanese Businessman
Outline: Nicky Sekino will offer a demo class on how to teach English for business purposes. A suitable audience is a group of EFL instructors who are interested in TESOL (Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes. Sekino has his MA in TESOL. This particular demo class is about a young Japanese architect who has faced the questionable treatment of his Japanese client. It smiled on his face and complained later over the phone. The young man was upset and unable to handle his anger. An experienced sales manager tried to console the disheartened man. The audience will share the psychology of the older sales manager and the young architect.
Bio: Nicky Sekino is an experienced EFL (English as a Foreign Language) instructor who has taught at universities and corporate classes. His past students have exceeded 2000. His classes are inspirational to those who study English seriously. Some of them are now bilingual and bicultural. He also offers cross-cultural awareness courses to global business-people from the world.

Speaker 2: Harumi Shige'eda
Title: Speaking and writing activities for elementary school grades 5-6
Outline: The presenter will introduce some interaction and writing activities for elementary school children related with CLIL study. She also shares the up-to-date information of Japanese elementary school studies.
Bio: Harumi teaches elementary school children. She took TKT Young Learners Module and obtained Band 3 qualification. She is a J-SHINE trainer. Her interest is how to use picture books effectively in class. Speaker 3: Yuco Kikuchi Title: The most important yet easy grammar for young learners Outline: Yuco will share her experience which helps junior high students who struggle with English at JH school. Those students will improve dramatically when they get the concept of singular and plural of the subject noun in sentences. Japanese language doesn't require subject noun and verb agreement. Using "…desu" or "…masu" is possible whatever the subject noun is. Young children can learn singular and plural nouns without any difficulty. Yuco will show activities to build this important concept of singular and plural nouns. Bio: Yuco teaches young learners and adults. She took University of Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) and obtained Bands 3 and 4 qualifications. Her interest is designing CLIL into her lessons and learners autonomy. Please email Yuco Kikuchi and pre-register. In order to make this worksop interactive we will limit the numbers to sieven participants. The first seven to pre-register will be accepted.

Organization: ETJ East Tokyo (English Teachers in Japan) (ETJ East Tokyo)

Cost: free

Venue: Online

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