Developing the Willis TBLT framework for a Japanese context: the ITOTIF Framework

Saturday, December 5th, 2020, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Speaker: Justin Harris, Paul Leeming

Online: The Zoom link will be posted on the Fukuoka JALT website ( https://fukuokajalt.org) the day before.

Task-based language teaching (TBLT) has become increasingly popular in Japan, and many teachers use the TBLT framework created by Jane Willis (1996). Although the framework is practical, easy to use, and effective for language learners, one potential weakness, especially in EFL contexts such as Japan, is the lack of opportunity to provide students with language input before they have to speak. In this presentation we will introduce the Input Task Output Task Integrated Framework (ITOTIF) which we have developed in an attempt to address this problem. Although still retaining the pre-task, main-task, post-task cycle, lessons begin with a comprehensive input task cycle, which functions to introduce language to students that could be potentially useful in the subsequent output (or speaking) task, while also introducing the topic of the lesson. In this way, lessons maintain a task-based approach, but students are provided with language they may not know and may need, before they are required to speak. After briefly outlining the theory behind the framework, we will provide examples, from our textbook series On Task?, of how the ITOTIF actually works in practice.

Justin Harris is an Associate Professor at Kindai University. His research interests are primarily focussed on the practice of language teaching, and how theory may inform improved practice. Areas of interest include TBLT, teacher training, and English as a lingua franca. He is a founding member and the coordinator of the JALT TBL SIG.

Paul Leeming is an associate professor at Kindai University and an adjunct professor at Temple University Japan. His research focusses on TBLT and interaction and engagement in the language classroom. He is a founding member and the program chair for the JALT TBL SIG.

Organization: Fukuoka Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (Fukuoka JALT)

Cost: free

Venue: Online: The Zoom link will be posted on the Fukuoka JALT website the day before

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