Coming Together to Share Ideas About and Experiences of Harassment: A one-day workshop to enlighten and empower each other

Saturday, December 5th, 2020, 12:30 PM - 4:45 PM

Speaker: Fiona Creaser (University of Kitakyushu), Brian Cullen (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Yoshi Grote (Kyoto Sangyo University), Gwyn Helverson (Osaka University), Robert O'Mochain (Ritsumeikan University), Sarah Mulvey

Kyoto JALT and GALE proudly present this one-day online workshop aims to bring the JALT community together to share experiences and solutions for how to deal with harassment in their workplace and daily lives. The workshop will be divided into three parts. Keynote speaker, Fiona Creaser, will begin the event with a talk about types of harassment: sexual harassment, academic harassment, power harassment, and mobbing. This will be followed by workshops led by Yoshi Grote (Non-binary Breakout Room), Gwyn Helverson (Women's Breakout Room), and Robert O'Mochain (Men's Breakout Room). Attendees will have the opportunity to self-select the room they feel most comfortable in. In the final session, all attendees will rejoin the main Zoom room to share ideas about harassment awareness. In addition to the main program, there will be two counsellors available on the day for those who pre-book for a 45-minute session: Sarah Mulvey and Brian Cullen. The counsellors hope to provide participants with a tool or technique to help tackle a particular issue.

Schedule Saturday, December 5
12:30 Opening in Main Zoom Room
12:32 Fiona Creaser
1:45 Workshops (Separate Zoom Rooms)
3:00 Discussion in Main Zoom Room
4:45 Closing

Seminar and Workshops bit.ly/3jy94Zz
Counselling bit.ly/35vsZnf

Organization: Kyoto Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (Kyoto JALT)

Cost: free

Venue: online

Location: Online, Online Events, Online Event

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